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If you are a newspaper editor who'd like information about Barbara's weekly Word Court column, please contact George Haeberlein, Vice President Worldwide Syndication Sales, at King Features:
or 800-526-5464, ext. 4110.

If you're interested in having Barbara talk to a group, please contact Alexis Hurley at Witherspoon Associates:
or 212-889-8626.

If you're interested in having Barbara give a custom Copy Editor workshop, please contact Jennifer Zuverink, Workshop Manager, at McMurry:
or 888-626-8779.

If you're from the media and would like to interview Barbara, please e-mail her at
or call The Atlantic Monthly: 617-854-7700.

If you'd like to order copies of Word Court in bulk, please contact Larry Jonas, Director of Special Sales, at Harcourt:
or 619-699-6436.

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